2012 Summer glass workshop, Zelezny Brod CZE

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Glass artist Martin Štefánek participated in the symposium: Summer glass workshop in 2012 in Zelezny Brod. Meeting in cooperation with the local glass school year comes with a new feature in the form of so-called organizing. Summer glassmaking workshop, during which there will be several invited artists, graduates of the glass school and students realize their work in the school glassworks. A Exhibitions “Prepared table ” cooperated:  Jan Bohuslav, Jaroslav Bukovsky, Katerina Handlova, Zuzana Kynclova, Zdenek Lhotsky, Alena Matejka, Jakub Petr, Vaclav Rezac, Ondrej Strnadel, Gisela Sabokova Ivana Sramkova, Martin Stefanek, Lukas Sulc, David Valner.