2013 LSD Summer glass workshop, Zelezny Brod CZE

Posted on Sep 2, 2013 | 0 comments

Glass artist Martin Stefanek participated in the symposium: Summer glass workshop in 2013 in Zelezny Brod. Meeting in cooperation with the local glass school year comes with a new feature in the form of so-called organizing. Summer glassmaking workshop, during which there will be several invited artists, graduates of the glass school and students realize their work in the school glassworks. Patterning teams will be held in the first week of September from Monday 2 to Wednesday, 4 September 2013. Opening the results Summer glassmaking workshop will be held in the exhibition hall of the Glass School on online slots Saturday 14th September from 10am. The theme of the exhibition “Prepared table ”this year cooperated: Jakub Berdych ml., Jan Bohuslav, Jaroslav Bukovsky, Robert Husek, Michal Janecky, Alena Matejka, Emil Matejka, Lubos Majsajdr, Marcel Mochal, Oldrich Pliva, Martin Stefanek, Lukas Sulc, Maxim Velcovsky.

Photo http://www.nasejablonecko.cz/jablonecko-aktualne/na-slavnost-sklenene-mestecko-zatim-navnadi-letni-sklarska-dilna/?aktualitaId=26956